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This coming Saturday, Aug 8th starting at 9am, we are going to be building worktables for the TVCOG space in the Quackenbush building. These are 4’x8′ tables designed by Bob Bownes and will proudly be #MadeAtTheCOG. If you like woodworking projects, we need your help! We need at least 6 people to help with the build so these can be completed in a reasonable time. We also need SAWHORSES, so if you have some, please bring them to the event so we can build several tables in parallel. Our goal is to have 8 fresh tables build for use in different areas of the TVCOG when we’re finished! As an added bonus, those that are helping will actually be building the tables OVER AT THE QUACKENBUSH on the third floor…. which is why it is VERY important to be on time at the TVCOG (in the garage) so that you can be escorted into the Q for the building project. For the most up-to-date information on the event, please consult




Questions? Contact Bob Bownes: vicepresident@techvalleycenterofgravity.com


At 6:30pm (Saturday, Aug 8th) we’ll be having a General Meeting to coordinate the move and discuss new policies that need to be put in place once we are in the new location, so we need everyone who can make it at this meeting! We will discuss everything from innovation spaces and coworking, to access (or lack thereof) to the kitchen, storage options, and much more. Hope to see you there!


We’re looking for more members to help with the move! Many have already stepped up to volunteer as leaders or helpers, but we still have many openings in both types of roles! Jordan Munn is coordinating the move effort, and she is looking for more volunteers to assist us in moving and setting up the following zones in the new building:


Wood Shop
Metal Shop
3D Printer Zone
CAD Stations
Laser Cutter Zone
Electronics Zone
Fiber and Crafts Zone
Community Room & Board Room
Lounge Areas
Stock Room
Member Storage
Co-working Zone
Please contact Jordan Munn (jordanmunn@yahoo.com) to let her know which zones you’d be willing to work in (or lead!), and please let her know ASAP!



We’ve already started tagging items that are going to the Quackenbush building, and this process will continue as zone leaders and helpers work on identifying items and where they go. However, this is the second reminder that members HALF FINISHED PROJECTS need to be completed and moved out. So… if you have a project that has been lingering for more than a few days in the TVCOG outside of your designated cubby (or innovation space), you’ve got two weeks to finish the project! We’re not going to be providing housing for projects in the general floor-plan anymore as there are now innovation spaces available. If you need an innovation space for your project, please contact Tom Tongue (president@techvalleycenterofgravity.com) or Bob Bownes (vicepresident@techvalleycenterofgravity.com) to make your reservation today!



One last ask (for now): We really need to fill our calendar with the exciting variety that will attract a diverse membership to the TVCOG. We’ve got a shiny new community room that is perfect for classes and workshops (available after Aug 19th)! If you’ve taught a class in the past, or would like to now, please contact Kathy Ceceri (events-coordinator@techvalleycenterofgravity.com) or fill out an event submission at


All the best,