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Only 7 days until the ribbon cutting, and every day brings more progress, both in the new building, and in preparing to move from the current space. Part of the effort during this past Tuesdays social night was packing items that need to be moved over to the new space in the Quackenbush, and there have been a few surprised individuals that had not considered that the move would cause downtime. As much as possible, we will try to minimize the service interruptions at the TVCOG, but it is a balance between that and having sufficient time to prep items for the move such that we are up and running quickly in the new location.

Our present plan will have most tools and equipment available for use until early Saturday afternoon, at which time the zone leaders and their teams will start packing and organizing items for transfer to the new building, with the goal of having much of the photogenic equipment set up in the new space in time for the ribbon cutting. A natural question of when we will be back up to full strength comes to mind, and the answer depends on YOU. The more help we have in the moving and setup phases, the faster we will be back online. Please contact Jordan Munn (secretary@techvalleycenterofgravity.com) if you can help on one or more of the zone teams. Our goal is to have much of our capabilities back online at the new facility by the end of Sunday, Aug 23rd, with only a few select pieces remaining at the old location (such as the Bridgeports and lathes, which have to wait for the lift to be installed the following week — these units will be left operational in the old space until they are moved).
Please let me know if there are any questions, comments or concerns, and thank you for being a part of the Tech Valley Center of Gravity community!