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If you missed it, there is a great article in the Times Union on the TVCOG move to the Quackenbush building, and all the exciting high technology companies that will be  moving in with us! The article is at:

We made alot of progress this weekend with dozens of volunteers helping to move equipment to the workshop areas in the basement of the new facility, and building workbenches in the wood shop! THANK YOU to everyone who came out to help, YOU are making the FUTURE! Without such tremendous community support and enthusiasm, it just wouldn’t happen! So remember, when you see all these articles about the TVCOG, YOU helped make it happen! THANK YOU!!!!
Three days left! There are still plenty of opportunities left to help out! If you have time during the day on Monday (Aug 17th), let Jordan Munn (secretary@techvalleycenterofgravity.com) know and she can direct you to one of the work parties… there are still more benches to build along with prepping some of the other furniture that is going in the space. At 6:30pm we’ll be gathering at the old COG to go over to the super secret storage facility and move some of the items there into the metal shop, and anyone that can help will be much appreciated!
Looking beyond the opening, our calendar is filling up with awesome, here is a sampler:
  • 3D Printing Syndicate of Albany – Thurs, Aug 20th @ 6pm – Come see the new Formlabs Form1+ SLA printer!
  • Get Started Sewing – Saturday, Aug 29th @ 4pm – Soft circuit expert Amanda Ervin will show you how to use the various sewing machines in the TVCOG.
  • Arduino 101 (Microcontrollers for Makers) – Friday, Sept 4th @ 6:30pm – Thomas Tongue shows how to program and prototype with the Arduino microcontroller.
  • Programming in LOGO for the 3D printer – Tuesday, Sept 8th @9am – 3pm – Use the fun programming language LOGO to create beautiful art pieces, then 3D print them!

For a complete listing of all that is scheduled over the next few months, please visit our calendar at: http://www.tvcog.net/index.php/my-calendar/

(There is a welding class scheduled for September! Find it on the calendar and sign up!!). We really need to fill our calendar with the exciting variety that will attract a diverse membership to the TVCOG. We’ve got a shiny new community room that is perfect for classes and workshops (available after Aug 19th)! If you’ve taught a class in the past, or would like to now, please contact Kathy Ceceri (events-coordinator@techvalleycenterofgravity.com) or fill out an event submission at