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So close, you can taste it! Tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug 18th) we will begin staging the furniture and equipment starting at 6:30pm. Due to the schedule for completion of the floor and waxing, we will be “compressive staging” the furniture and equipment in the community room, which consists of placing items in that space in order of deployment onto the main hall floor. This process will let us move swiftly on Wednesday morning when the floors are shiny and dry after waxing. The plan is to unfurl all the staged items in the community room from 9-10am, and then get the displays and equipment up and running from 10 – 2 while assisting exhibitors with their displays. We have over a dozen exhibitors coming to show off their #MadeAtTheCOG and TVCOG associated awesomesauce!

Opportunities to help abound! Join us for Social night (Tuesday, 6:30pm) and help us get things staged! We’ll meet at the old COG and give an overview of what is left that needs to come over, and break into work crews to get it done! Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!