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I think it is safe to say that the ribbon cutting on Wednesday exceeded everyones expectations, and was a fantastic celebration of all that we have built together as a maker community over the last 2.5+ years, and all that is to come. Much has been said in way of thanks for everyone that has made the ribbon cutting possible, but before I get to discussing what we’re doing to get the new space operational, I wanted to take the time to thank one of our under-sung heros of our big day: Sue Dunckel of Sweet Sues (http://www.sweetsuesweets.com/  or at 203 River Street, Troy NY) is a fantastic supporter of the TVCOG, and really came through for us with the catering. The amazing food that she provided for the crowd was perfect for the event, and she worked so hard to pull it off under difficult conditions and at great expense. So please stop by Sweet Sues and tell her thank you for all her support!

I’d also like to express my deepest gratitude to the construction crews and help from Atrium Services, who really stepped up to get the space in amazing shape in time for the big event, and were patient and professional under mounting time pressure. Rodney Armstrong of T&J Electrical Associates is a fine example of the energy and get-it-done spirit that made Wednesday possible, and if you get a chance to see him or any of the other crew that are *still* working at the Quackenbush making the other floors ready, please tell them how much their work matters and how much we appreciate everything they do. We never say it enough, and it’s important that we do. 


We had a ribbon cutting. Now we need to actually get the TVCOG online in the new space! This weekend is pretty low key in terms of activity in this direction for a number of reasons:

  1. COG Fatigue – many people were pushing 40+ hours a week as volunteers to make the big day happen. THANK YOU!!! But really, after running a marathon like that, it’s only reasonable to expect a breather.
  2. The first floor is not ready. In some cases the prep for the ribbon cutting needs to be fortified before it will put up with the rigors of full-time operations. So some of the flooring still needs to be laid, and a few areas around the floor boxes need to be re-done. And then it all needs to be washed and waxed again. So this weekend was out for major moving & setup operations on the first floor.
  3. Ok, there is more than that, but no need for a laundry list, you get the point. So what’s the plan? 

On Tuesday during social night we will be going through the old COG location and separating the chaff from everything that we’ll be taking over to the new space. This process will involve setting aside good stuff that we’re not keeping for a garage sale this coming Saturday, Aug 29th, and throwing out the garbage that no one in their right minds would want. So please come, if we have enough people we may broaden the scope of our activity to include other important areas that need to be addressed prior to “The Big Move”(TM).

This coming Saturday, August 29th we will be moving tools, setting up storage, arranging the basement workshops and getting the major areas of operation ONLINE. If all goes according to plan, we may also be moving the lathe and bridgeports! So we need the area leaders to let Jordan Munn know if they can or cannot assist in the process on that day so that we can plan to find an alternative leader for each zone. Jordan will be reaching out to each of you to confirm. 

Once next Saturday is done, we should be nominally operational in the new space! Please let me know what questions, comments or concerns you might have!

All the best,

–Tom Tongue

President, Tech Valley Center of Gravity