September 2015

Just a quick reminder that we have a General Meeting on Tuesday, Sept 29th starting at 6:30pm! We will have a recap of all the cool stuff going on at Maker Faire this past weekend, and we will elect a new board member. We’ll also talk about the upcoming Queen Mab Enchanted City event (Oct 3rd) and the Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire coming up in November! Hope to see you there!

We now have a storage area set up for super users! It’s in the basement in the wall adjacent to the welding shop, and the shelves are lined with 33 gallon heavy-duty tubs to for member storage. If you have a cubby in the old TVCOG, please collect a tub from the shelf in the new TVCOG and fill it with your storage items from the old TVCOG. The tubs *should* be labelled, but if you don’t see one with your name on it, please take one of the unlabelled ones. If you are a super user, but did not have a spot in the old space, but DO need that storage going forward, please take one of the unlabelled tubs and put your name on it! Let us know if we run out of spaces.

In conjunction with the final push to complete the move, we need to clean out the old space and transfer the remaining good stuff over to the Quackenbush building. A dumpster will be arriving tomorrow for trash, but if you have e-waste, please set it aside for collection by our recycler (tubs will be set aside for collecting this). On Saturday, Sept 26 starting at 9am there will be a work party to move the remaining good stuff over and get it situated. Please let me know (e-mail: if there are questions and I will route them to the appropriate authority on the subject.
Many thanks to Ed Murphy for pushing this process forward for us and managing the project!
All the best,
–Tom Tongue
President, Tech Valley Center of Gravity

Our next General meeting will be on TUESDAY, September 29th from 6:30pm – 8pm in the SEFCU Community room at the new TVCOG! This is going to be a fun and important meeting, so please plan to attend! It will be fun because we’ll have highlights from Maker Faire NYC. It will be important because we’re holding a Board of Directors Special Election to fill a board seat vacancy. This means we need QUORUM, but thanks to the recent meeting, we only need 20% of the voting members. Still, if you can make it, please do, and if you can’t, please arrange for a proxy.

LAST CHANCE – The Introduction to TIG Welding class by Bob Bownes is tomorrow (Saturday, Sept 19th) from 10am – 2pm. This is a members-only class and is limited to 6 students, please register in advance through

ZERO TO MAKER: Sunday, Sept 20th – 10am – 2pm. This our big event to get training to new members! Please spread the word about this event, and if you’re a new member, this is where you’ll get the safety training, and learn how to work with the 3D printers, laser cutter and more! Details at: 

WORK PARTY – We continue to peck away at adding capabilities to the new space at the Q and moving old stuff out of the old TVCOG. Tomorrow (Saturday, Sept 19th) from 1pm – 5pm we will have a work party to (hopefully) accomplish the following tasks:

  • Setup tools on individual woodworking stations
  • Move vinyl curtains from old COG to cover the entrance to the wood shop as a dust barrier
  • Install the board room table in the board room on its table legs and move the board room chairs into place
  • Hang whiteboard in the board room / conference room.
  • Bring cubicle walls from the Super-Sekrit Storage facility to establish a temporary COG office 
  • Set up the card printer and COG admin computer so we can make RFID cards at Zero to Maker on Sunday
  • Move the projector from the old space to the SEFCU Community Room
  • Setup QR Code station to provide members with the lock-box code to open the doors while we wait for the RFID readers to be installed
  • Setup user storage areas (involves picking up the shelving from HD, setting them up, etc).
  • Anything else we see as an area of high need!
  • If you can’t make it for the work party, but can come earlier, let Tom Tongue ( know and he can provide suggestions for single person activities that will be a great help!

Just a reminder, if you have not already checked out our new discussion system (Discourse), you’ve missed our deliberations on the new laser cutter, CNC Router and 3D printer. Please check it out at:

To sign in, you can use your Google ID, so there is no separate sign-in process! SUPER EASY. Please join us and give comments on how we can use this tool to share information and facilitate a continuous discussion about the life and growth of our community.


The Quackenbush construction crews continue to work through our punch-list of stuff that still needs to be finished, but the good news is that we have alot of our former capabilities back online, and a whole bunch of new ones as well! We have new CAD workstations set up, and the THINQubator had it’s first session today its new home. EXCITING! We’re still waiting on the security fixtures to be installed on the front vestibule, but we hope they will be in place soon. In the meantime, we have volunteers staffing the space during open hours, and for super-users, Phillip Demick is co-working in the space and can let you in if the doors are closed. THANK YOU PHILLIP!

As many of you know, our community uses Facebook pretty extensively to share information and ideas. But there are several drawbacks to this, including (but not limited to):

  1. Less than 10% of our members use Facebook on a regular basis to share with other members
  2. The lifetime of informational items is measured in days before they’re buried under the constant deluge of other traffic

We had a forum system on the old web site, but it was MURDER to use because it was so slow. So we’re going to try it again, but this time with an independent package called “Discourse” which was created by the same folks who build Stack Exchange. If you’re curious about the features of Discourse, please check out the site at, but if you just want to join in the TVCOG discussion, go to:

To sign in, you can use your Google ID, so there is no separate sign-in process! SUPER EASY. Please join us and give comments on how we can use this tool to share information and facilitate a continuous discussion about the life and growth of our community. As an incentive, there are already two topics on the site: one about our new Formlabs Form1+ 3D printer, and the other on our problem sourcing a CNC router for woodworking. JOIN THE DISCUSSION!

Speaking of community, ours has really stepped up to provide a fantastic slate of events over the next several weeks. In the next week, we have:

Please help us fill our calendar with the exciting variety that will attract a diverse membership to the TVCOG. We’ve got a shiny new community room that is perfect for classes and workshops (available NOW)! If you’ve taught a class in the past, or would like to now, please contact Kathy Ceceri ( or fill out an event submission at