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We now have a storage area set up for super users! It’s in the basement in the wall adjacent to the welding shop, and the shelves are lined with 33 gallon heavy-duty tubs to for member storage. If you have a cubby in the old TVCOG, please collect a tub from the shelf in the new TVCOG and fill it with your storage items from the old TVCOG. The tubs *should* be labelled, but if you don’t see one with your name on it, please take one of the unlabelled ones. If you are a super user, but did not have a spot in the old space, but DO need that storage going forward, please take one of the unlabelled tubs and put your name on it! Let us know if we run out of spaces.

In conjunction with the final push to complete the move, we need to clean out the old space and transfer the remaining good stuff over to the Quackenbush building. A dumpster will be arriving tomorrow for trash, but if you have e-waste, please set it aside for collection by our recycler (tubs will be set aside for collecting this). On Saturday, Sept 26 starting at 9am there will be a work party to move the remaining good stuff over and get it situated. Please let me know (e-mail: president@techvalleycenterofgravity.com) if there are questions and I will route them to the appropriate authority on the subject.
Many thanks to Ed Murphy for pushing this process forward for us and managing the project!
All the best,
–Tom Tongue
President, Tech Valley Center of Gravity