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This past week we had our SPECTRVM Services launch event, and we are pleased to announce the following organizations (in alphabetical order) are Charter Members of SPECTRVM:

  • All Over Albany – Content Creation, Online Advertising, Media Sponsorships & Strategies
  • Amala Consulting – Grant Writing
  • Capital Region Chamber – Entrepreneurship boot camps, networking and government relations and advocacy
  • Dalle Accounting and Cash Management – Financial services and reporting, including taxes, payroll and regulatory filings. 
  • Duncan Crary – Publicity, Communications and Event Consultant
  • Koppett – Leadership and Team development, Executive and Presentation Coaching, Meeting facilitation
  • One Hudson – Engages entrepreneurs and organizations exploit and develop disruptive technologies
  • Pinnacle Human Resources – Hiring, Recruiting and Developing Human Resources 
  • Saratoga National – Business Banking and Finance
  • Schwartz Heslin Group – Mergers, acquisitions, capital raising, business valuation, and other strategic and corporate finance matters
  • Tech Valley Innovation Research – Technology prototyping and consulting

If you missed the event and you want to register as an entrepreneur or company interested support from SPECTRVM Services, please send an e-mail to Tom Tongue (president@techvalleycenterofgravity.com) and we will get you set up!

One of the best things from being a part of the Tech Valley Center of Gravity is seeing all of the creative and entrepreneurial endeavors that are going on in the Capital Region. This week is a great example, with two great events you’re going to want to come down for:

  • Pitch Night – Tuesday, Nov 17th from 6pm – 9pm: Five minute pitches by teams or companies looking to get feedback on their product or idea, especially with regard to selling to global markets. This event is held with Autonomy Distributors, and is a repeat of last years successful event.
  • AlgoRave 0x00 – Friday, Nov 20th from 8pm – 11pm: Our first music event! Join us for an evening of live audio-visual performance mixing electro-acoustic improvisation with live-coded sound and image.

Please see our web site calendar for complete descriptions at: http://www.tvcog.net/index.php/my-calendar/

In addition to the two events above, theres plenty of other exciting events and meetings this week at the TVCOG:

  • Tech Valley Game Space – Lesson Night: How to make games with RPG Maker VX Ace – Thursday, Nov 19th 6pm – 9pm in SEFCU Community Room: Drawing upon the love of the classic 16-bit RPGs of yesteryear, Enterbrain’s RPG Maker allows anyone to easily create the type of colorful tile-based RPGs made popular by games such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Whether you’re a gamer, hobbyist or professional, RPG Maker is simple enough for a novice and powerful enough for an expert developer.
  • 3D Printing Syndicate of Albany – Thursday, Nov 19th 6pm – 9pm in the Main Hall: Monthly meetup of 3D Printing Enthusiasts – come meet, share tech and experience and find out about new projects and software.
  • MakerFront i3PRO Build Event – Saturday, Nov 21st from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm: Come build your i3PRO with it’s engineer! If you recently purchased an i3PRO from MakerFront, but you haven’t built it yet, this is a great opportunity to build it with others and get some pro help.