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There is a great thread on the Discourse forum that was started by Dan Falkenstrom regarding modifying the role of volunteers in the space, check it out at:


The executive team had a meeting this past week to discuss the items that were in the original post in addition to the other ideas presented here. What we came up with as an action plan is the following:

(1) Inventory of member skills, especially the volunteers. There will be a separate, more easily accessible calendar that shows the open hours, who is staffing them, and the skills they can share. A survey will be going out in the next week soliciting this information from members. It’s mandatory for volunteers, it is optional for everyone else.

(2) Open / Closed / Volunteer on duty sign will be created to handle walk-ins and let them know what is going on. Brochures will also be put into the vestibule to provide information when there is no one available.

(3) Some sort of “I’m the volunteer on duty” indicator will be created. This needs to be a clear indicator that is also safe for use around the space and around equipment – IE: no lanyards!

(4) We’re creating online videos for safety training, and some of the major high-usage pieces of equipment. We need people to help with this. Please send me a message and I will coordinate this. The goal is to make the intake process more automated and continuous, and to provide ongoing access to up-to-date materials.

What we’re not actively working on at the moment is erasing the distinction between Full members and Super users from a scheduling perspective. I don’t actually think this was part of the original proposal, but I think it may have been interpreted this way by some. Full members have restricted hours, and super users have 24/7 access. This is simply matching value to cost. It’s far more valuable to have 24/7 access to the space, and therefore it should cost more. We now have open hours on every day except Wednesday, and in the most common times when people would want to use the space. So I think the full membership is a tremendous value. We are currently considering eliminating the requirement to have a volunteer on staff in order for the space to be open. There are some concerns there, and we thought the items above would have the most impact right now in terms of member experience. The truth is that ALL of our volunteer slots for November are staffed, so at the moment this is a low-impact issue.

Thank you everyone for your feedback and advice, you’ve helped make the TVCOG even better!

All the best,