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In this holiday season, there is a strong tradition of giving to each other and to charities and non-profits who work hard to sustain and grow our communities. The Tech Valley Center of Gravity is a 501c3 non-profit that focuses on growing and sustaining the innovation economy in the Capital Region, and while much of our support comes from memberships and classes, we would not be here today without the generous support of donors and sponsors. Thanks to support from SEFCU, National Grid, Empire State Development, Workforce Development Institute, Ecovative, Rensselaer County IDA and countless individuals, we have grown to offer expanded workshop, classroom, meeting and coworking spaces as well as adding a STEAM-focused kids makerspace (THINQubator) and SPECTRVM services for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We rely on your generous support to continue offering new events, classes and workshops, as well as making our facilities accessible to the broadest possible user base. Your donation matters in the lives of thousands of young people who use the THINQubator for STEAM-related activities, learning and creative endeavors. It matters in the development of startups who aspire to grow and succeed in Tech Valley. Most of all, it matters in growing and sustaining an innovative community that is at the heart of main street revitalization and renewal.

With your tax-deductable donation, we can expand and sustain TVCOG programs and add new equipment to the workshops. This Giving Tuesday, join the global celebration of generosity by donating. Your gift to the Tech Valley Center of Gravity is one of the most meaningful ways to support the creative and innovative ecosystem of the Capital Region.

Please make your contribution today by visiting our donation page at http://www.tvcog.net/index.php/donate/

Wishing you the very best of this Holiday Season!

–Tom Tongue
Executive Director, Tech Valley Center of Gravity