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We’re two weeks away from our first major Hackathon, and we already have 80 hackers registered! If you’re interested in learning more about it, and registering for the event, please check out the IoT Hackathon nexus at bit.ly/1VMFYVb

We are going to start having daily updates to the event information page, and also tweets as the event draws near, so now is a good time to follow us on Twitter @TVCOG

There are several topics in the discourse forums that are soliciting feedback from the community, including posts on removing some clutter from the makerspace, forming groups in different zones of operations to manage and maintain equipment, and feedback on our web presence. Jump in! You can join Discourse at http://discourse.tvcog.net

Upcoming Events

A complete list of events is on our calendar, but I wanted to point out a few near-term highlights:

  • General Meeting – Tues, Jan 19th 7pm – 8pm: Robert Tait will share information from his trip to CES, and we’ll discuss Hackathon prep.
  • 3D Printing Syndicate – Thurs, Jan 21st – 6pm – 9pm: Hang out with the largest 3D printing meetup in the Capitol Region!
  • Intro To Laser Cutting & Engraving – Friday, Jan 22nd – 7pm – 10pm: Learn how to use Big Red for laser cutting & engraving. This class has sold out the last 3 times it was offered, so register now at http://bit.ly/1KhiDEx