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The countdown clock has started, and in less than 2 days we’ll be kicking off the IoT Hackathon at the Tech Valley Center of Gravity! Thank you for registering for the event, we’re in the final stages of prep before the hacking begins, and some last minute logistics and scheduling information included below.

If you are unable to make it, please send us an email at hackathon@tvcog.net so we have a good headcount for food. Thanks!

Hackers Needed for Live TV Friday Morning

A local newscaster will be doing live television spots from the TVCOG this Friday morning to promote this weekend’s hackathon. The live TV spots will occur roughly once every half-hour, starting at 5 a.m. and going until 10:30 a.m. (Set up for the first spot is at 4:45 a.m., yikes!)

Our sponsors, mentors and staff will be on hand to talk to the reporter about hacking, the hackathon, TVCOG. But we would love to have some real live actual hackers to be present.

If any hackers out there would like to participate in these live broadcasts (to promote the culture of hacking and to help promote TVCOG) please contact our publicist, Duncan Crary (DCC@DuncanCrary.com) . He can tell you more about this opportunity and can answer any of your questions.

Social Night
Are you in Troy Friday night? Stop by The Ruck starting at 6:30pm to socialize with other hackers, mentors and judges. We’ll have tags at the door so we can find each other in the scrum of Troy Night Out.

Social Media
All throughout the weekend, follow #COGhacks and @TVCOG on twitter for all the latest updates and announcements. Also Instagram.

Information Updates
Please check in on the web site for the latest info on accommodations, schedule, sponsors and mentor info. Also, we are using DevPost for posting the projects and judging, so please create a DevPost account if you have not already done so!

Questions, comments or concerns?

Please let us know at hackathon@tvcog.net