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Saturday, June 4th

1 P.M. – 4 P.M.

TVCOG Kitchen and Lounge

Back to the Beginning!
Over the past 20 years, the homebrew revolution has completely changed the course of beer
drinking in America. Where once a small number of nearly identical beers of very simple, light
character dominated, now drinkers have literally thousands of choices with a wide range of flavors,
textures and recipes.
Homebrewing is an exciting hobby that can range from simple and inexpensive
to wildly complex and capital intensive. Recipes can be bought pre-packaged, as raw materials, or
anywhere in between. Beer is now something *anyone* can hack, and members of the Tech Valley Center Of Gravity have expressed strong interest in joining the homebrew movement.
This Pod will is an informal gathering open to everyone from neophyte to brewmaster, where we can talk, learn, brew, and sample together. This time, we’ll be designing and building out our brewing closet, sampling our last brew, and depending on manpower, starting our next one! It is a free event, but donations to the cause are always welcome!