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The Zero To Maker event was conceived to help new members get up to speed with safety training and equipment usage at the COG. In one shot, we could cover some of the most popular pieces of equipment and make sure everyone was checked out on safety procedures, along with receiving a new ID card to allow access into the space. It worked well, but had some limitations… which is why we’ve rebuilt it from the ground up!

Weekly classes – More time – Continuous availability

Rather than a quasi-monthly event where all the information needs to be crammed into a 3 hour session, we’re moving to a weekly class series format. Each Tuesday from 7pm – 8pm we will have one of the core Zero To Maker classes. If you happen to miss one, no worries! It will be back in another 4 weeks! It also means that an opportunity for a refresher class is available, just in case you’re a bit rusty!

While the original Z2M sessions spent only 20 minutes per zone, the new format allocates a full hour for instructions, demonstrations and questions! In the case of some classes, like the laser cutting class, an online video will also be available for review in advance of the class so that the in-person session can be more hands-on.

Here is the current schedule of classes:

  • June 7th – 3D Printing
  • June 14 – Laser Cutter
  • June 21 – Wood Shop
  • June 28 – Fiber Arts

Based on the feedback from the initial 4-week run, we will make adjustments to improve the program. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the new format!