IoT Hackathon FAQ

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We get many questions by e-mail and in person about the hackathon, here are the most common:

What platforms are going to be used at the Hackathon?

Any platform you like! We have experts on ESP8266, Arduino and Photon platforms, but any other hardware platform is welcome. We’re compiling a list of resources that hackers can use to prepare for the event, check the main IoT Hackathon page for the link.

What should we bring?

We recommend bringing everything you need to hack together your solution. In the case of individual hackers (rather than teams), you might consider bringing hardware that you’re familiar with. We will have some hardware for sale at low cost (ESP8266 ESP12 Dev boards, Photon Particles), but with such a diverse application space, it’s difficult to pick a one-size-fits-all solution. Definitely bring a laptop and other supporting materials that you think you might need. We have soldering irons, oscilloscopes and quite a bit of equipment that can be used to support hardware development, so that sort of thing is not needed.