IoT Hackathon Judging Criteria

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The hackathon will culminate in six awards: Smart Healthcare, Smart Transportation, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Peoples Choice, and Most Likely To Be Commercially Successful. The judging process is very simple, we are using 5 criteria to score entries in the hackathon:

Originality – 20%

How original is the idea? Is it completely new and unique, or is it similar to something else? We LOVE new ideas and concepts!


Execution – 20%

How well did the team translate the idea into reality over the course of the hackathon?

Demo – 20%

Can the team convince the judges that theirs should reign supreme? The demo is where the team can prove their solution has what it takes!

Multidisciplinary – 20%

Solutions that tap a wide range of talent, expertise and diverse backgrounds have an advantage in the judging process.

WOW Factor – 20%

Knock us OUT with your brilliant solution! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!