IoT Hackathon Press Links

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The IoT Hackathon generated alot of media attention before, during and after the event. As the information comes in, it will be added below.


The original press release – Composed and distributed by Duncan Crary Communications.

All Over Albany – “Internet of things hackathon at TVCOG” – Dec 11th, 2015

Troy Record  – Dec 17th, 2015

Hackaday – Dec 19th, 2015

IoT Revolution Feature News – “Lets Get Ready to Hack!” – Jan 19th, 2015

M2M Connectivity – By Chrissie Cluny – Jan 19th, 2015


News 10 Coverage – Jan 29th – There were 5 spots on News 10, including:

5:30am – Interview featuring Tom Tongue

7:30am – Interview featuring Mayor Patrick Madden

12:15pm –Long piece featuring Jeff Branson, Mayor Patrick Madden and Ed Bergstraesser (AT&T)

WRGB Ch 6 news – About midway through the hackathon – including short clip from Ed Bergstraesser (AT&T)


Hackaday – Fantastic article by Dan Maloney!

Makerweb – Coverage of the “Noisy or Nice” team featuring Union College students

Troy Record – Jan 31st – Also from the print: (Page 1)(Page 2)

Times Union – Feb 2nd – Also from the print edition: (Page 1)

Capchips – Feb 2016

Intelligent Product Solutions – Feb 2016


If you’re aware of other coverage that is not on this list, please send an e-mail to and we will add it!