The Manufacturing Incubator at Tech Valley Center of Gravity - propelled by IMC

Helping Inventors Build Businesses

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As manufacturing technologies evolve, the US is experiencing a shift toward a new manufacturing economy.

As innovators develop new product ideas sparked by emerging technology, the creative collaboration and shared tools and infrastructure provided by a well-outfitted makerspace and prototyping center are the perfect environment for this unique business incubator.

The Manufacturing Incubator is focused on mitigating risks for product start-ups. Our program is independent, open to the public, and an Approved Innovate 518 Partner, providing access to the affiliatedprograms and services of the region’s NYS Hot Spot.

With expert advice and coaching provided by Innovative Manufacturing Consultants (IMC), our mid-level two-phase incubator program provides guidance to help clients prioritize actions and move forward.


Manufacturing Incubator Phase 1
Design It & Prototype It Right

Most product startups fail due to early stage risk
Learn how to do it right the first time.

Manufacturing Incubator Phase 2
Scale Up Manufacturing & Grow

Think like a big business.
Move like a start-up — fast & agile.
Manage your costs and quality.
Incrementally grow your business.

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