Organization Memberships

Tech Valley Center of Gravity offers an organizational membership tier that functions on a per-license basis. Organizations can purchase the number of licenses that correspond to the maximum number of simultaneous members they’d like to have in the space at one time. These members can be from a much larger pool of users within the organization, making flexible access possible at a reasonable cost.

For example, an organization could have a pool of 30 potential users, and purchase 3 licenses to allow up to 3 of those potential users in the space at any time.

We recognize that every organization is different and has an assortment of needs and usage patterns for makerspace. We will work with you to design a membership plan that works for you, drawing from a mix of space access, trainings events and other features. Please call us at 518.244.3544 or email us your questions to learn how you can join the TVCOG today!