Here is a list of Tech Valley Center of Gravity Policies.

Rule and Policy Changes

These rules and policies are subject to change. Changes will become effective immediately upon successful vote of adoption by the BoD. These rules will be posted within the space.

Instructor Policies

For all events which have limited and/or fee based enrollments, such as classes and workshops, the events coordinator must supply every instructor or event host a list of attendees no more than 24 hours and no less than 12 hours before the class start time. Enrollment is closed at that point, or earlier if the event is full.

Non member attendees not on the list must be asked to leave.

Members may attend, at the discretion of the instructor/host, if there is no charge for the event, or if they pay the event fee to the instructor/host, who is responsible for turning it in to the treasurer.


  1. All Members must follow the Code of Conduct at all times.
  2. All Members must have a release form on file.
  3. All Members must be instructed on the usage and safety procedures before the use of large and possibly dangerous equipment.

Membership Dues

Details of the membership structure of the organization can be found here

Payment Cycles

Regular memberships (excluding Associate Members) renew on a monthly basis. Membership fees are due by the first of the month to which they are applied. Fees which are more than 1 week late will result in suspension of membership privileges until the account is brought current.

Voting Rights

  1. Full Members and Super User members have voting rights within the organization. Associate members do not have any voting rights.
  2. Family membership do not convey additional voting rights beyond the base membership tier that it is applied to.
  3. Corporate memberships have a number of votes equal to the number of seats / member slots purchased. In the case of a floating license, the Corporate membership is required to register one or more proxies that can vote on the organizations behalf.


  1. All guests must follow the Code of Conduct at all times.
  2. Guests can not inhabit the Makerspace without another keyed Member present.
  3. Guests are encouraged to become Members.
  4. Guests are not allowed to use tools and equipment.
  5. Members are responsible for their Guests.
  6. Guests must sign a liability waiver upon entering the space with their escort. The escorting member must co-sign the liability waiver.


  1. Minors are not allowed to have keys
  2. Minors 18 and under must be accompanied by Parent or legal guardian at all times.
  3. Minors under the age of 18 must have their liability form signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  4. Minors under 21 years old will need to sign a waiver stating they will not consume or possess alcohol on the premises nor any other illegal substances.


  1. Projects (and materials for them) can only be stored in designated project storage areas.
    • A project may be stored elsewhere with the approval of a member of the Board or by a vote of the membership
  2. Projects must be labeled, and include the names of the members working on the project.
  3. Projects should be presented as active at the General Meetings.
  4. Projects are urged to create a page on the wiki and place it in the Projects category.
  5. Projects can be stored in committee controlled rooms, as long as they follow the committee’s guidelines. Projects and materials that do not follow these rules, will be tagged with a date two weeks out, after which they will be donations to the Makerspace and will be handled accordingly.
  6. Individual storage areas will be available for each member as a rental or as part of a Super User membership
    • Each storage area is approximately 2’x2’x2′
    • The individual storage area is located in the tool/storage room
  7. Firearms, gunpowder, primers, and assembled ammunition can not be stored at the Makerspace.



  1. Event must be sponsored by a current Member
  2. Event spaces and times are assigned and allowed by priority
    1. Top priority is given to events and meetings that match our Mission Statement.
    2. Next in line are events/meetings related to ongoing projects.
  3. A Member must be present during the event.
  4. Donations are encouraged but not required to hold events.

For Profit

  1. A Member must be present during the event.
  2. Guests access to the facility will be limited as required by the meeting.
  3. Guests must be escorted in the warehouse area by a Member at all times.
  4. Terms and Conditions can be dictated and modified by the Board of Directors.
  5. Fees charged:
    1. For any use of the space where an entry fee is charged, 50% of the sale price for each fee goes to the Tech Valley Center of Gravity.
    2. If no fee is charged to members, use of the space is free. A non-member entry fee may still be charged.
    3. Tools/materials can be sold for the event and will not count as an entry fee as long as members are given the option to bring their own suitable tools/materials.

Other Organizations

Organizations that wish to use the Tech Valley Center of Gravity facilities will need to contact the Board of Directors to work out a suitable arrangement.

Code of Conduct

  1. All members are required to “Be excellent to each other”.
  2. Don’t catch on fire or set others on fire or set anything else on fire which has not been designated or designed to be on fire.
  3. All members are expected to maintain a safe and clean environment at all times.
  4. All members are expected to follow all posted notices.
  5. It is the responsibility of each member to enforce the Code of Conduct. Failing that, a Grievance or Complaint may be filed.

Grievances and Complaints

  1. Any member grievance or complaint is required to be submitted, in writing, to the Board of Directors or to any member of the Board of Directors. The complaint must have two parts outlined at minimum, a “Complaint” part and a “Recommended Solution” part.
  2. The Board of Directors will decide to either hold a special meeting regarding this matter, or will consider it at the next meeting in its cycle.
  3. The Board of Directors is not required to act in accordance to the grievance or complaint’s “Recommended Solution” part and may devise its own remediation.

Organizational Meetings

  1. Board meetings will will be held on an as-needed basis, and will be posted on the Tech Valley Center of Gravity Events calendar.
  2. General membership meetings will be held the third complete week of a month on Saturday at 6:30pm, at the TVCOG main location.
    1. Prior to the start of each general meeting, time will be set aside to clean the space.


Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.


  1. Committees must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Officers are appointed by the Board to serve as committee chair.
  3. Officers or the Board must enlist a minimum of two other members to form a committee.
  4. The Committee chair will be responsible for providing reports on the status and activities of the committee.
  5. Committees must have a sub-chair, appointed by the chairperson.
  6. There is no limit to the number of committees a member can serve on.
  7. If the number of committee members drops below 3, the committee will have a grace period of 30 days in order to recruit enough members to remain active.
  8. Each committee will need to maintain a page on the wiki with at least the following information:
    1. The name of the committee chair
    2. A list of all active members
    3. A brief statement listing the goals or tasks assigned to the committee.
    4. The category tag:
      [[Category:Proposed Committees]]
  9. Binding committee decisions must reach consensus. If the committee fails to reach consensus, the decision will then be deferred to the Membership or the Board of Directors.
  10. Committees can appoint advisory members, who only have communications access to Makerspace resources, pending Board of Directors approval.

Active Committees

A list of active committees can be found in the Active Committees category.

Inactive Committees

A list of inactive committees can be found in the Inactive Committees category.

Proposed Committees

A list of proposed committees can be found in the Proposed Committees category.

Commercial Use

The Tech Valley Center of Gravity is based on open source ideals and thus encourages its membership to embrace those ideals as well, however members reserve the rights to all of their creations.

Loaning of Tools & Equipment To The Makerspace

Members can generously provide tools or equipment for use in the space, either by donating them outright or by loaning them.

When equipment is loaned, the following conditions apply:

  1. All loaned equipment must be marked or labeled with the owner’s name
  2. The owner must contact the Operations and Facilities Committee so that they can record the following information:
    1. Name of owner
    2. Equipment being loaned
    3. Serial number if available
    4. Terms or conditions of the loan
  3. Equipment is loaned subject to the understanding that it is preferable for TVCOG to own their equipment, rather than borrow it. TVCOG may seek to buy equipment in order to replace loaned items, which are then returned.
  4. Loaned items may be returned at any time, by request of the owner or as determined by the Operations and Facilities Committee.
  5. TVCOG is NOT responsible for maintenance of loaned equipment, but may maintain it as determined by the Operations and Facilities Committee.
  6. TVCOG is NOT responsible for the loss of equipment. However, efforts will be made to provide reasonably secure storage.

Borrowing Tools & Equipment

  1. Committees must designate items under their jurisdiction as available to be borrowed, and notify the office of the Cribkeeper. By default, all property is not allowed to be borrowed.
  2. Committee in charge of the item can specify rules for the loan.
  3. All loans must be tracked with by the office of the Cribkeeper.
  4. No equipment loaned to the space can be borrowed, unless the owner has a signed release on file.


  1. Donations of usable items must be aproved by the comittee in charge of the location in which the item will be stored/used.
  2. A “freebie shelf” is availabe for items that are free to use/take for all members. The shelf will be periodically cleared by the Ops committee.
  3. Donations for the “freebie shelf” will be accepted so long as there is availabe free space in the designated area, and as long as it does not conflict with rule #5.
  4. Donations for the “freebie shelf” that do not fit can not be left in the space unless approved by the Ops committee
  5. The following items will not be accepted for donation:
    1. CRT monitors
  6. After donation to the “freebie shelf” please notify the membership of the donation.
  7. Donations to a project are only spent on that project and are spent prior to any TVCOG allocated money to the same project.
    1. If the project is deemed unsuccessful all remaining funds will be returned to the source.
    2. Allocated money will be returned to the source fund, if more overages remain the money will be returned to the contributor in proportion to their donation.
    3. If the project is deemed successful, accomplishing the stated goal, any unspent allocations will be returned to the committee fund in charge of the project, unspent donations will be returned the contributors according to the proportion of the donation.


  1. No authorization or allocation can be made in excess of the moneys available in the General Fund.
  2. The Board in its exclusive pervue is able to allocate moneys from a line of credit into the General Fund.



  1. Volunteering
    • Members are encouraged to volunteer their time and effort to assist the organization with supporting the needs of its membership and the various efforts required to ensure its continued existence.
    • Members are eligible to receive compensation for their volunteer efforts in the form of discounts on membership dues.
      • Board Members are not eligible for discounts on membership dues.
    • In order to receive membership discounts, volunteering activity shall be approved by the Volunteer Coordinator prior to the activity taking place.
    • The Volunteer Coordinator or the President may adjust the value of the discount on a case-by-case basis.
    • Volunteers are not considered employees of the organization, and are not allowed to receive monetary compensation from the organization.
  2. Volunteering Discounts
    • Volunteer On Duty
      • Members who staff a four hour “Volunteer On Duty” shift are eligible to receive a $10 membership dues reimbursement, to be applied to the following month’s membership dues.
        • Associate members will receive credits that can be exchanged for Day Passes.
      • Members may request to staff as many “Volunteer On Duty” shifts as desired.
      • In order to receive “Volunteer On Duty” dues reimbursements, members shall:
        • Obtain written approval (email, added to official calendar, etc) from the Volunteer Coordinator to staff each requested “Volunteer On Duty” shift.
        • Perform all tasks required of the “Volunteer On Duty,” as outlined by the Volunteer Coordinator.
        • Be signed in to makerspace via the sign in computer on the front desk for the duration of their shift. If the computer is not operational, the member shall send an email to the volunteer coordinator confirming that they are present for their shift.
      • Super Volunteer
        • Members who staff at least two “Volunteer On Duty” shifts on a weekly recurring basis (ie, every Monday 6pm-10pm and Saturday 2pm-6pm), are eligible to receive a full reimbursement of their Super, Super Student, or Super Family membership dues.
        • The Executive Director or President may authorize a Super Volunteer designation for a member who performs professional, specialized tasks for the organization for no other form of compensation.
        • Super Volunteers shall be approved by the Volunteer Coordinator.
        • Changes to a Super Volunteer’s shift schedule shall be submitted to and approved by the Volunteer Coordinator prior to the 1st of the month.
        • Members who do not staff their scheduled shifts will not be eligible to receive a full reimbursement of their membership dues. They will instead receive the standard “Volunteer On Duty” reimbursement.
      • All Other Tasks
        • Members who perform tasks that have a direct, positive impact on the quality of the organization are eligible to receive a $10 membership dues reimbursement for every four hours spent on performing the task, to be applied to the following month’s membership dues.
          • Associate members will receive credits that can be exchanged for Day Passes.
        • Members can only request membership dues reimbursements in four-hour block intervals. No partial-time requests will be granted.
        • Members are limited to requesting sixteen hours ($40) of Volunteer reimbursements per month.
        • In order to receive reimbursements for volunteering, members shall:
          • Obtain approval from the Volunteer Coordinator prior to performing the task.
          • Submit a “Donation Receipt” form to the Volunteer Coordinator, documenting the task performed and the total hours spent on the task.