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Please provide the contact information for the person organizing the event.
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How many people can be accomodated at this event?
Please provide the text you'd like to share with your potential audience to get them engaged. This should include enough detail so they know what to expect from the event, including topics to be covered, level of expertise that might be needed, and other details. If you have specific restrictions on the age range that is appropriate, please indicate this here as well.
Excluding material costs, what fee should be charged for the event? Keep in mind that the fee is split between the organizers/instructors and the TVCOG. Also keep in mind that fees often limit participation.
This is the cost to participants for materials provided by the organizers that are needed for the event.
Please indicate if you have any special facilities requirements to support the event, including equipment, space, raw materials, etc. Any other internal comments that you would like to submit for review and consideration should also be added here.
While the TVCOG event coordinators will post your class/workshop/event to the calendar and mention it on the e-mail list, the primary responsibility to promote an event (especially beyond the TVCOG membership) lies with the organizers. Please describe how the organizers will get the word out about the event.