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Manuals & Documents

Safety Classification




Sander Operation and Safety

Potential Hazards

  • Contact with a moving abrasive belt or disc. Severe injury can result with contact with moving abrasive belt or disc.
  • Having fingers or hands caught in a running nip point. There is a running nip point between the work table and disc and between the work table and belt.
  • Getting loose clothes, jewelry, or long hair caught in moving parts.
  • Being hit, especially in the eyes, by debris flying from point of operation.
  • Inhalation of dust and particles.
  • Dropping objects onto foot.

Specific Controls

  • DO NOT wear gloves while using the band saw.
  • Check to see if the belt or sandpaper disc is torn. If there is visible damage, do not use machine. Replace paper if you are able, otherwise notify the Woodshop SRP.

Operating Precautions

  • Keep hands away from sanding surface. Use a holding device or jig whenever possible.
  • Never attempt to sand small pieces by hand.
  • On the disc sander, only use the portion of the sander that travels down.
  • Work tables should be set as close as possible to disc or belt sander (1/16” max.).
  • Keep work piece flat on work bench while sanding. Do not attempt hold it by hand higher up on the disc or belt.
  • Do not use excessive force when sanding.
  • Do not sand in one place. Keep work piece moving along surface of disc or belt sander.
  • Wait for belt to reach full speed before sanding workpiece.
  • Do not attempt to clean machine or make adjustments while machine is running.
  • Never leave machine while it is running.
  • After machine is turned off, wait till belt/disc come to a complete stop before leaving machine. The disc/belt will coast for several seconds before coming to a complete stop.
  • Stock that is 1” or smaller in length should not be sanded
  • Use the disk sander for sanding outside curves or angles only.
  • The disk sander is not to be used for joinery, squaring stock, etc.
  • Ensure dust collection is on and working (attach a shop vac if not hooked up to dust collection).

Current Status


Available for use by trained users.

Operator Tips