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The wood shop and metal shop contain a drill press. Operation is essentially the same.

Wood Shop:

  • Make ???
  • Model ???
  • Serial No.????

Metal Shop:

  • Make: Sears
  • Model: 8" 3-Speed Tabletop Drill Press

Manuals & Documents

Metal Shop Drill Press Manual PDF

Safety Classification




Drill Press Operation and Safety

Potential Hazards

  • Entanglement with rotating drill bit.
  • Contact with a rotating drill bit at point of operation. Drilling one’s own finger.
  • Being hit, especially in the eyes, by debris flying from point of operation.
  • Being hit by key left in drill chuck.
  • Being hit by a piece of wood that is caught by the drill bit and begins to spin at same rate as the drill bit.
  • Inhalation of dust and particles.
  • Dropping objects on foot.

Specific Controls

  • DO NOT wear gloves while using the drill press.

Operating Precautions

  • Do not make adjustments to the drill press (setting depth for example), secure material to the drill press bed or reposition material while drill bit is still rotating.
  • Keep hands and fingers away from the point of operation.
  • If material slips do not attempt to hold by hand. Shut down drill then adjust.
  • Know the location of start and stop switches or buttons and keep the drill press table free of tools and other materials.
  • Use only properly sharpened drill bits, sockets and chucks in good condition. Remove dull drill bits, battered tangs or sockets from service.
  • Do not remove by hand metal or wood chips from the table or stock. Use brushes or other tools to properly remove chips.
  • Use the correct speed and drill for the type of stock being drilled.
  • The drill bit should be mounted the full depth and in the center of the chuck.
  • Feed the bit smoothly into the work. If the hole being drilled is deep, withdraw the bit frequently to remove shaving on the bit.
  • When an operator has finished working on the drill press, and before leaving the drill press for any reason, the power must be shut off and the machine must come to a complete stop.

Current Status


Available for use by trained users.

Operator Tips

How to change drill press speeds