Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are you a 501c(3) organization? Are you a charity?

A: We are a 501c(3) and are able to accept charitable donations. Please contact the Treasurer or President to get the appropriate forms.

Q: I saw something safety-related broken. I broke something safety-related.

A: If it has a plug, use one of the lockout boxes to prevent further use, then contact a Makerspace officer or board member immediately!! The contact information is in the VOLUNTEER BINDER by the glowing blue computer in the main workhall. Please help us to keep the Makerspace a safe and secure place to be!!

Q: I want to donate something. How do I do this? Can I deduct it on my taxes?

A: A post to the General Forum with a picture and/or description of what it is helps a lot. For info on deductions please refer to the IRS site "Stay Exempt".

Q: Where are you located? How do I get there? Where do I park?

A: Please see the front page for these details.