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Welcome to the Tech Valley Center of Gravity Wiki,
our public repository of projects, rules, processes, and knowledge.

Who We Are

Tech Valley Center of Gravity is a membership-based non-profit Makerspace serving the Capital District Region (Albany-Schenectady-Troy) of New York. Our membership is a diverse cadre of makers, creators, artists, engineers and entrepreneurs who work together and share tools and resources which individually would be out of reach.

We use these resources to collaborate on individual and community projects in order to promote and cross-pollenate technology and art, while working and experimenting on innovative ideas to encourage learning within our community.

How to Find Us

While we support activities all over the Capital District, our primary makerspace is located at: Our address is:

30 3rd Street
Troy, NY 12180

We are located on the ground floor of the Quackenbush building. You can click here for a Google Map of the location.

How to Join

Would you like to be part of Tech Valley Center of Gravity? It’s easy! There are four simple steps:

  1. (optional) Make a donation to the Makerspace Scholarship Fund.
  2. Sign up for a membership.
  3. Attend your scheduled new member orientation meeting
  4. Show commitment, have ideas, and get involved!

Go to our Membership Signup Page for more information on plans and costs.

How to Help

TVCOG is a community-based, grass-roots effort, so we always need help growing and sustaining the local maker community. Here are a few ways you can help us out:


How to Reach Us

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