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We have a [Makerbot Replicator] that has the dual-extruder option and can print with PLA or ABS filament. This unit also has a heated bed, so the issue of ABS warping as it cools should be better than usual.

Manuals & Documents

  • [Support web site] for the Replicator. Everything you could possibly want to know from the manufacturer.

Software & Resources

  • [ReplicatorG] is used to convert STL files into the S3G file format you put on the SD card to print with the Replicator.
  • [netfabb Studio Basic] can be used to repair meshes, change the orientation, and measure parts among other things. Works under Mac / Windows / Linux.

Safety Classification


Safety Notes

  • The extruder heads are very hot, if you are foolish enough to reach in and touch them when the machine is on, or within 10 minutes of shutdown, you will get a nasty burn.
  • When the machine is running, the head can move very quickly back and forth during a build, sometimes unpredictably. The unit has stickers on it telling you not to stick your hand inside while it is running. HEED THE POSTED WARNINGS! DO NOT REACH INSIDE THE BUILD ENCLOSURE when it is running... you run the risk of getting a burn or getting your fingers pinched seriously, or BOTH.

Current Status

Installed and operational. Available for use by trained users.

Operator Tips

Advice from John Rieffel on ABS printing: The two big issues are filament failing to stick at all, and filament "peeling" at corners and edges. Usually it's the build platform level or temp that need adjusting.

- disable rafts in Makerware.

- make sure the heated build platform (HBP) is level and the nozzle is Very Close to the surface. This will improve peeling and adhesion.

- change the build platform temp to 120. This will help adhesion.

- make sure the HBP is getting warm at all. If you inadvertently have PLA selected in Makerware then it won't heat up.

- Make sure the filament spool is unconstrained and feeding into the tube from the bottom of the spool

- Wipe down the captan tape with acetone (follow precautions). Better yet, acetone mixed with leftover ABS scraps.

Avoid drafts.