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The SawStop 10" Professional Cabinet Saw (Model PCS31230) is a table saw with a unique safety device that helps reduce the chance of injury if the blade comes in contact with human skin.

Manuals & Documents

[SawStop Website] The User Manual for the PCS31230 contains detailed color graphics of the saw components, safe operating practices, a description of the safety system, how to make adjustments, and how to properly perform rip and cross cuts.

Safety Classification


Safety Notes

  • As with any safety device, the existence of an automatic blade safety brake is not a substitute for following standard safety practices when using a table saw.
  • The blade safety brake will activate if the blade comes in contact with anything that conducts electricity, not just human skin. When using tools such as the miter gauge, ensure metal components do not contact the blade while it is spinning.

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Current Status

Installed and operational. Available for use by trained users.

Operator Tips

Table Saw Safety Video 1

Table Saw Safety Video 2

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