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The Zone Coordinator is the ambassador of their zone, making it as welcoming as possible for new and experienced makers alike. They help facilitate any tasks that need to be performed so that the membership can be as productive as possible. For any questions or thoughts that arise, they are the first point of contact. They are the champion for safe and proper equipment use.

Specific Tasks

Be an active user of the zone

  • Interact with other zone users. Acquire a feel for zone likes, dislikes, limitations, and opportunities.
  • Develop contacts who can be specifically invited to Work Groups, and/or may be good candidates for future Zone Coordinators.

Conduct Zone Orientations

  • Conduct or delegate the conduction of the orientation on a regularly scheduled or on an as-requested basis.
  • Ensure the orientation communicates all content outlined in the Orientation Binder.
  • Record attendance in Orientation Binder.
  • Assist in updating orientation content.

Maintain zone white boards

  • Status of equipment that is being repaired or updated.
  • Task List that can be added to or worked on by any members.

Schedule and facilitate periodic work groups

  • Coordinate with the Facilities Specialist and Business Development Associate to schedule Work Groups on a periodic basis.
  • Work on items on the Task List.

Respond to emails from members and public

  • Emails are typically questions about machine capability, requests for training, and reports of broken equipment.
  • Try to respond within 48 hours. This may not always be possible, but it's a good goal to strive for.
  • If an answer cannot be given immediately, provide a response that indicates you have received the message, and will provide an answer once you have obtained further information.

Assist with cleaning and maintenance.

  • Help clean or delegate the cleaning of the zone.
  • Reorganize layout as needed.
  • Help maintain documentation (wiki, training materials).
  • On a periodic basis, look through maintenance schedules and perform tasks.

How to respond to common requests

(in order of preference)

I would like Zone Orientation outside of scheduled times.

  1. If you are able to accommodate this request, please do.
  2. Ask the Facilities Coordinator if they can accommodate.
  3. Otherwise, the member will unfortunately have to wait until the next scheduled orientation.

I would like to learn how to use a specific piece of equipment.

  1. If we have a class that meets this need, direct the member to the next available class, or to watch the events calendar for the next one.
  2. Direct member to the Facebook Group to ask other members for assistance.
  3. If known, ask a specific person if they would be willing to assist.
  4. If you are willing, set up a time to provide assistance.

I have some stuff. Can I donate it to you?

  1. Ask for a picture or itemized list to determine the quality and quantity of the items.
  2. If the zone can make use of the stuff, arrange a time for it to be dropped off. Before delivery, ensure the stuff has a home (storage spot, installation location).

Who Are the Zone Coordinators?

List of Zone Coordinators and Contact Information

Becoming a Zone Coordinator

Email to express your interest.