Tech Valley Center of Gravity owes its existence to many individuals with a vision for what the creative community could be, many who provided preliminary funding for both the organization and its facilities, and even more who provided the sweat and skill to build, finish, fill and staff the facility and organization in its infancy. 

Founded on Christmas Eve 2012, the Tech Valley Center of Gravity (TVCOG) first opened its doors and began enrolling members in March 2013 in a space on the ground floor of the Uncle Sam Parking Garage in Troy, provided rent-free for one year by Bryce Properties. Over 100 members signed up on its first day of operations and the need to re-locate to a larger space was recognized immediately.

Partnering with Bryce Properties and with grant funding from Rensselaer County IDA, Troy LDC, Empire State Development, NYS Department of Parks and Historic Preservation and SEFCU, the Quackenbush Building, a vacant former department store, underwent a total historic renovation with the intent that the TVCOG occupy the first two floors and the remainder of the floors be filled with start-up businesses and services and co-working space. The renovation has won several awards for historic preservation and the preserved architectural elements provide a steam punk-style cross of Victoriana, Rustbelt and high tech.

Tech Valley Center of Gravity moved to its current facility in August of 2015. Companies currently occupying the upper floors include Cloud and Things, Ithos Global, DeFacto Global and Pinhole Press, among a number of smaller startups, NYSTEC-funded accelorator IgniteU-NY and Rensselaer County IDA. In the foyer of the 333 Broadway entrance, B-rads Exoress rounds out the tenant base.

Since it opened its doors in 2013, Tech Valley Center of Gravity has served as a community resource and gathering place in the heart of downtown Troy. While new businesses are sparked through coworking, creativity and making, the community is also served through family activities in the THINQubator, educational opportunities through skill-based classes, hosting of NFP organizations like Albany Can Code and Tech Valley Game Space, and serving as a community center/gathering space by hosting dozens of community events and gatherings annually.