Keep floors free of oil, grease or any other liquid. Clean up spilled liquids immediately, they are slipping hazards.

Store materials in such a way that they cannot become tripping hazards. Immediately return all excess material to its proper storage place.

Put tools away when not in use. This prevents loss of tools and also makes them available to others.

Place all scrap in the appropriate marked scrap containers. Metals are sorted by type.

Use provided trash containers. Do not place hazardous materials in trash containers. Stop work 10 minutes prior to the time you need to leave the shop or that the shop is scheduled to close. This will provide ample time to clean and replace tools to their homes.

KEEP THE SHOP CLEAN AT ALL TIMES. It is all of our responsibility to keep the shop clean. There is no excuse for a cluttered/messy workspace. If your workspace is cluttered, then you are working too fast.