When working in the wood, welding or metal shop, no open toed shoes or high heels. To provide secure footing, choose shoes with softer soles and stable platforms. Wearing appropriate footwear will help protect feet from falling objects and hot sparks or chips. Steel toed shoes are recommended.

When working in the wood, welding or metal shop,No loose clothing allowed. This includes but is not limited to ties, scarves and loose- sleeved shirts. Short sleeves or sleeves rolled above the elbow are preferred. When welding, long sleeves are required for protection from arc-flash and metal sparks and a leather apron is recommended.

No shorts, dresses or skirts allowed when working in the metal shop. Burred edges of freshly cut metal such as sheet stock are razor sharp. Wearing long pants will protect you and those around you. Additionally, hot chips will burn/cut exposed skin potentially startling the operator.

Remove all jewelry that could be caught in moving machinery. This includes rings and loose bracelets. Remove necklaces and the like, if not securely restrained.

Restrain all hair that has potential for entanglement with moving machinery.

Wearing gloves when working on moving machinery is prohibited. Gloves can easily become entangled in moving machinery and thus are not allowed. The only exceptions to this rule are; 1) wearing membranous gloves (such as latex or nitrile) for personal protection or contamination control, or wearing gloves while using a bench or portable grinder or buffing wheel. If you need to wear gloves, see the zone coordinator of facilities specialist for acceptable types for your application.