Questar III Summer STEM Fellows Kris Navratil and Janice Balogh piloted a two-week trades exposure program with clients from the YWCA of Greater Capital Region's Jamison Rounds Ready for Work Program during July. Navratil , a technology teacher from North Colonie School District developed the program in partnership with CoG Executive Director Holly Cargill-Crameri during last summer's STEM Fellowship program. Balogh, a math teacher from Maple Hill, is spendiing her Summer STEM Fellowship helping the CoG develop a Shop Math program. The three hope to use the two expose middle and high school youth to potential careers in the trades, and to build future workforce development programs. 

In the pilot program with YWCA, five women experienced hands-on use of 3D printers, laser cutters, wood shop, metal shop and more through creation of their own tool/supplies box, which they personalize using the laser cutter. Our program participant, Grace, pictured at right, chose to make a statement with hers.

Balogh's participation in this summer's fellowship was made possible with the support of Workforce Development Institute. The followship has been allowng Navratil and Balogh to experiencing how what they teach every day is applied in real-world situtations.