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 Thank you for your interest in our maker-in-residence program.


Please fill out the following form in order to apply for the 2020 program. Applications are due by 5pm, September 15, 2020. Applicants will be contacted via email about the status of their application by September 29. 


Please note that this residency program is only open to Troy residents whose taxable income in the last year was $39,526 or less. Applicants must be individuals; teams are not accepted. All participants must be 18 or older. 

Basic Information

Applicant Name*
Mailing Address*
Email Address*
Phone Number*


Taxable Income*


Please provide your annual taxable income as of last year. Please note, we reserve the right to request proof of income upon acceptance into the program. 

About the Maker


Maker Statement*


Tell us a little about yourself! Please provide us with a short (2-4 paragraph) "Maker Statement," introducing us to you and your work. We want to know about your background, the kinds of things you make, and your philosophy as a Maker.



If accepted as our maker-in-residence, you will be given a subsidized membership for 3-6 months, depending on the time needed to complete your project. We expect that the bulk of your project will be completed within our facility, and that the program start date will be somewhere between October 1 and November 1. Keeping this in mind, please provide a tentative schedule for when you would be in the facility completing your project:

Shareable Skills*


We are a membership-based organization, and encourage all members to volunteer at the facility, socialize with other members and collaborate on projects. In the spirit of this, our maker-in-residence will be asked to share their skills at the end of the program; this may be in the form of a class, workshop, presentation etc. based on your preference. 


Please provide a brief description of skills/knowledge/ability you may be willing to share during your time with us, and how you would like to go about doing so. For example, you may wish to host drop-in hours where people can ask you advice on projects, or teach a class in one of the workzones. If you are open to hosting a class or workshop, please specify if you would prefer to teach children or adults. 


Please provide a portfolio of projects you have completed in the past. Please note that this does not need to be a professional-grade portfolio; we are just looking to gather information about your skill level and the types of projects you create.

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Project Proposal


Project Proposal Guidelines  


Please provide a one page (minimum) overview of your project idea and how you are planning on making it. Your overview should include some text, but can also include sketches, pictures, diagrams etc. You can type directly into the form field below, or upload a document. 


For more information on the guidlines for your project proposal, please review the rubric below. 

Project Proposal*
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Work Zones*


Please check off the Work Zones your proposed project would make use of. 

3D Printing
Laser Cutting
Model Shop
Glass Arts
Fiber Arts
Prototyping Center
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