Tech Valley Center of Gravity is excited to announce that we are now accepting Letters of Intent for new and established classes for the upcoming trimester.

We understand that the process to host a class can be confusing. We ask that instructors and potential instructors please take a look at the frequently asked questions below, to see if your question has already been answered. If not, please feel free to reach out via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions you might have. 

Please click here to see the deadline schedule for this trimester. Click here to submit an LOI form. 




Who can teach a class at TVCOG?

All members are welcome to submit a Letter of Intent. Non-members are encouraged to become members, so that they may understand the mission and vision of our organization. Please contact the Executive Director if you are a non-member interested in teaching a class or workshop that is related to our strategic focus.

Would my class/workshop/event be a good fit for TVCOG?

Good question! Because TVCOG is a Makerspace, Prototyping center, Manufacturing Incubator, STEAM Education Center and creative community, we are interested in running classes that are related to the interests and passions of our members. Ultimately, we are looking for classes that relate to the tools, technology and other resources that are available in our work zones. Please review makerspace technology zones under the Facilities tab on our website. At times, we do run workshops and events that are not directly aligned with our Makerspace technology zones, however, all of those should be related to our mission: to cultivate a community of makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to initiate creative collisions resulting in economic and personal growth. All activities within our space must support an inclusive culture and our diverse community of members.

Do I need to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) for my class?

A letter of intent must be submitted for all new classes. If your class is a variation on an existing course, but the marketing materials are different, then it is considered a new class. For example, Laser Cutter 104: Make a Lantern has a seasonal variation for October, which is Halloween-themed. Even though the curriculum is essentially the same, the marketing materials are different, so a new LOI must be submitted. 

I would like to host an established class again. How do I go about scheduling this?

Please fill out the form "Host an Established Class" on our website to schedule dates for an established class. 

How long is this trimester?

This trimester takes place from May 1 through August 31. We are only hosting established classes during the month of May, so all new class dates must be for June 1 through August 31.

Can I get an extension on the LOI deadline?

Extensions are provided on a case-by-case basis. To request a refund, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why was my LOI rejected?

We require that all parts of the LOI be filled out in order for the form to be considered valid. You must have a representative picture, a detailed supplies list, and specific dates and times listed.

What happens if my LOI is approved?

Congratulations! If your LOI has been approved, then we are moving forward with putting your classes on the calendar. You will receive an email notification of approval, along with our curriculum development form. We will also confirm dates with you via email. Please note that your class dates are not considered finalized until your completed curriculum form has been received.

Is there a limit on how many new classes I can offer?

Yes. We consider the first trimester a class is held in as a "trial period," where we figure out if the class offering is a good fit in our schedule. We ask that instructors submit up to 4 LOIs, maximum. Each new class can be offered on up to 4 dates in a trimester. If a class is extremely popular, TVCOG staff may reach out to you about scheduling additional dates for the trimester. 

What does the curriculum form look like?

Take a look at a filled out curriculum form for a previous class here to get an idea of what we require from instructors. Please note that a filled out curriculum form is due by January 1st. 

Will I be paid for curriculum development, prep time and clean up?

We can offer up to one cumulative hour of paid prep/breakdown time for approved new classes, contingent upon class overhead (cost), attendance, and pre-approval by the Executive Director. Please submit your request by December 1 via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Requests will not be approve until detailed lesson plans are submitted. 

How does class registration work?

Participants sign up online through our website, and receive an automated confirmation email. Instructors are copied on this confirmation email, so they can keep track of how many people have signed up for the class so far. Advanced registration ends three business days before the class date. If the class has insufficient enrollment, the class will be cancelled. If the class has met the minimum requirement, registration will remain open until the morning of the class. There will be a late registration fee for anyone who signs up during this period. 

How do I know if my class was cancelled because of insufficient enrollment? 

You will be copied on all registration confirmation emails as people sign up for the class. If you have not received any email confirmations by the time advanced registration has ended, it is likely your class will be cancelled. You will receive confirmation of cancellation from TVCOG staff via email. 

Someone showed up for the class that I didn't see a confirmation email for. What should I do?

If you did not receive an email notification letting you know someone is registered for a class, then they are not registered. If you are open to having them join the class, they can pay via cash or check for the class in-person. Late fees will apply.

I have never taught at TVCOG before. Are there additional forms required besides the Letter of Intent?

All new instructors must fill out a W-9 Form for TVCOG, and may be asked to complete a background check. 

Please note that if you have not taught a class at the COG or elsewhere, you will be asked to start as a Junior Instructor, and we will ask you to audit an existing class to shadow another instructor before teaching on your own.