IGDA Albany Monthly Meeting: Entrepreneurship & Business of Indie Games


Join us as we welcome Samir Khan from SIR-VR, who will be presenting, "Entrepreneurship & Business of Indie Games" on Thursday, May 23rd!


Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States and added about $11.7 Billion to the US GDP in 2016 (Forbes 2017) and Americans spent $36 Billion on Video Games in 2017 (World Economic Forum 2018). While there is plenty of opportunity to make money in the video game industry and it continues to grow, the video game industry is also very competitive. How does someone that isn't Triple A get to have a slice of that pie? It will come down to understanding the mindset behind a game industry entrepreneur and what exactly it takes to run an indie game company.

Speaker Bio:

Samir has a background in the IT industry and studied Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Neuroengineering at Drexel University. He is currently the CEO and Game Designer at SIR-VR Studios. Samir will share from his experience about what he has learned in terms of the business development aspect.