February 2016

The Dept of Energy Science Bowl is coming up on Saturday, March 5th, at GE Global Research Center over in Niskayuna. We participate with several tables of project displays and information about the TVCOG, and we are looking for volunteers to help staff the tables and show off cool stuff! Our portion of the event is from 10:30am – 1:30pm (basically wrapping around the lunch break), and is usually PACKED with enthusiastic kids, teachers, coaches and parents. Previous years have been a great success thanks to many volunteers to help spread the load, and we need YOUR help to make this year a great success!

If you can come spend a few hours, answer questions, talk about the TVCOG and (even better) show off a cool project, please contact Tom Tongue (ttongue@tvcog.net) by Tues, March 1st so we can get your name on the access list!