The Prototyping Center at Tech Valley Center of Gravity provides affordable access to advanced prototyping equipment, hands-on training and manufacturing space for hardware start-ups and small businesses. The valuable equipment in this limited-access facility is highly calibrated, requires a higher level of skill in its use, and has a higher cost for consumables and operation. Therefore, users of this equipment pay for training and/or certification, and pay an hourly rate for use of each machine.


Prototyping Lets You:

  • Test your design to ensure it serves the intended purpose
  • Reduce design flaws, saving time and money
  • Model your product for potential investors
  • Create models for sales and customer demos

Prototyper membership includes all benefits of Super Maker membership, plus 24/7 access to The Prototyping Center and 3 “parking passes” per month for 72-hour use of a bench, cart or shared horizontal storage rack. Prototyping members may also rent storage/workspace within The Prototyping Center for $2 per square foot per month, with no lease or long term commitment. Prototyper members also have limited access to an industrial lift for direct load in/load out. 

Contact TVCOG for rates structures for organizations needing access for multiple employees.

The Equipment 

GantryRouterTable e1521596138231 150x200

Techno LC59120 58″x121″
Machine Use ♦ $40 per hour
Training ♦ $400 ♦ 6-8 hours

VacuumFormer e1521596191111 150x200

Belovac C Class 24″x48″
1 Machine Use ♦ $15 per hour
Training ♦ $100 ♦ 1-2 hours

LaserCutter e1521596226831 150x200

Thunder Laser 130W 35″x51″
Machine Use ♦ $25 per hour
Training ♦ $150 ♦ 2-3 hours

3DPrinting e1521596565569 125x200

sponsored by CEG
Stratasys F270 12″x10″x12″
Machine Use ♦ See Separate Matrix
Training ♦ $100 ♦ 1-2 hours


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